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SoftwareDirectory Lister Pro 2.33 (x64) Enterprise Multilingual

Directory Lister Pro 2.33 (x64) Enterprise Multilingual
Directory Lister Pro 2.33 (x64) Enterprise Multilingual | File size: 6.8 MB

Directory Lister Pro allows you to list files or print folders, that is to create and then save, print or send via e-mail list of files from selected folders on hard disks, cd-roms, dvd-roms, floppys, USB storages and network shares. Listing can be in HTML, text, CSV format (for easy import to Excel) or stored directly to a database. Directory Lister Pro is one of the best and at affordable price application from a wide category of directory printers.

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SoftwareCAMWorks 2018 SP5.0 (x64) Multilingual for SolidWorks

CAMWorks 2018 SP5.0 (x64) Multilingual for SolidWorks
CAMWorks 2018 SP5.0 (x64) Multilingual for SolidWorks | File size: 3.0 GB

CAMWorks, a parametric, solids-based CNC programming software system, brings in a revolutionary way to help machinists around the world program smarter and machine faster. CAMWorks significantly reduces programming time and removes the drudgery from CNC programming by using patented Feature Recognition technology in conjunction with full toolpath to solid-model associativity and knowledge-based machining.

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SoftwareQuarkXPress 2018 14.2 (x64) Multilingual

QuarkXPress 2018 14.2 (x64) Multilingual
QuarkXPress 2018 14.2 (x64) Multilingual | File size: 580 MB

QuarkXPress is the leading graphic design and page layout software for creative professionals. It's used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world who value quality and performance in their daily production of print and digital products.

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SoftwareAutodesk 3DS MAX Interactive (x64) 2019 Version 2.1.777.0

Autodesk 3DS MAX Interactive (x64) 2019 Version 2.1.777.0
x64 | Language:English | File Size: 1.04 GB

3ds Max Interactive helps you produce visually stunning, immersive, and interactive experiences of every kind.
It includes a real-time engine that you'll use to experience your 3D content on multiple platforms -- including desktop, mobile devices, game consoles, over the Web, and on virtual reality and augmented reality (VR & AR) devices. With the accompanying set of editing tools, you can build up your scenes and make them come to life with interactive behaviors and visual effects.
By combining the powerful 3D modeling and animation tools of 3ds Max with these new tools for authoring interactive experiences, 3ds Max Interactive aims to give you simple, efficient, and familiar workflows for creating engaging content.

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SoftwareSideFX Houdini FX 17.0.416 (x64)

SideFX Houdini FX 17.0.416 (x64)
x64 | File Size: 1.32 GB

Houdini powerful software for three-dimensional animation by Side Effects has been developed and marketed. Special Note This product animation for procedural distinguishes it from other software family. This application has the most famous animation studios such as Disney, Frozen, Zootopia, Rio, Ant Bully used and has proven their ability in this field. It is also known as Houdini Apprentice free version for non-commercial use and the free market.

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SoftwareVero VISI 2019 R1 (x64)

Vero VISI 2019 R1 (x64)
x64 | Language:Multilanguage | File Size: 2.76 GB

The 2019 R1 release of VISI software includes a boost for reverse engineering, along with a range of new and enhanced CAD/CAM functions for the mold and die market.

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SoftwareAutodesk 3ds Max 2019.3 (x64) Multilingual

Autodesk 3ds Max 2019.3 (x64) Multilingual
Autodesk 3ds Max 2019.3 (x64) Multilingual | File size: 5.1 GB

3D modeling, animation, and rendering software. 3ds Max® 3D modeling and rendering software helps you create massive worlds in games, stunning scenes for design visualization, and engaging virtual reality (VR) experiences.

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SoftwareReviverSoft PC Reviver (x86/x64) Multilingual

ReviverSoft PC Reviver (x86/x64) Multilingual
ReviverSoft PC Reviver (x86/x64) Multilingual | File size: 54.94 MB

PC Reviver is a multi-purpose utility that will diagnose errors on your PC, safely repair them, and provide other maintenance and optimization recommendations.PC Reviver is the trusted and recommended way to restore optimum performance and stability to your PC.

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SoftwareArturia Pigments (x64)

Arturia Pigments (x64)
Arturia Pigments (x64) | File Size: 87 MB

Pigments gives you the finest elements ever found in a software instrument, letting you create pioneering, exciting, and deeply personal sounds. Laying everything out before you, Pigments lets you fully express your creativity in a way that's never been seen before in a software instrument.

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SoftwareRhinoceros 6.11.18344.20091 (x64)

Rhinoceros 6.11.18344.20091 (x64)
Rhinoceros 6.11.18344.20091 (x64) | File size: 264 MB

Rhino can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS* curves, surfaces, and solids, point clouds, and polygon meshes. There are no limits on complexity, degree, or size beyond those of your hardware.

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